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April 23, 2015
Posted by WeddingGirl

#WGxCalgary | Meet This Girl

{ Meet Krystal Robertson }

Krystal Robertson WeddingGirl.ca Calgary Wedding Planner 11

Ask this blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty how she stumbled upon the WeddingGirl.ca brand, and there will be stories of an afternoon in the dog park involved! Seems that Krystal and WG Founder, Mary, had more in common than just their furry sidekicks the day they met at Stanley Park in downtown Toronto.

Krystal Robertson WeddingGirl.ca Calgary Wedding Planner 7

{ in her own words }

So, here I am, introducing myself for my dream job.

As I sit here and write this I’m smiling from ear to ear!

My name is Krystal, and I’ve been dubbed “the new WeddingGirl”.

First and foremost, I’d like to mention how blessed I feel to have the opportunity to share my creative vision.

I love everything vintage, lace and floral-inspired.

I’m a big scrapbooker and DIY enthusiast along with being an animal lover, vegetarian, and a little known secret; I’ve seen every Sex and The City episode at least five times.

My dog Darwin is my fuzzy little best friend and travel is one of my biggest passions; I’ve been everywhere from Australia to Southeast Asia. Travelling really helped me gain the confidence I needed to be independent and made me realize how truly fortunate I am for all I have in my life.

Krystal Robertson WeddingGirl.ca Calgary Wedding Planner 9

Krystal Robertson WeddingGirl.ca Calgary Wedding Planner 2

Krystal Robertson WeddingGirl.ca Calgary Wedding Planner 3

As for this new endeavour with the WG team… the emotions I currently have range from pure excitement to total nerves.  It tugs at my heartstrings to have people believe in me in a way that I never dreamt possible and all of this really has come up at the perfect time in my life. I’m a firm believer that people come in and out of your life at the exact moment that you need them to, whether to teach lessons, cure heartaches, or to form long-lasting relationships.

All of the above are happening for me at this very moment.

Toronto has been my home for the past five years but it’s time to get back to my country roots.

Alberta here I come!

Let’s do this!

Expanding the WeddingGirl team out to Calgary!

Buckle up ladies!



Krystal Robertson WeddingGirl.ca Calgary Wedding Planner 6

Krystal Robertson WeddingGirl.ca Calgary Wedding Planner 4


Krystal’s adventures in wedding planning can be found by

friending her over on Facebook

and following her on Twitter and Instagram!

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April 14, 2015
Posted by WeddingGirl

This is My Body, and I Want That Dress!

 { Know your body type }

Authored by: Angela Kerry

You fall in love with a specific dress that you see on the next to nothing size 0 model posing in those unrealistic stances. You know the one –  hands on hips, awkwardly hunched over, legs crossed like she has to pee. No bride ever stands like that on their wedding day (when will the magazines learn?!).  Weird model pose aside, you love the dress and you’re sure it’s the one for you…  until you try it on, and that’s when the love stops. So now you’re left to start again from scratch to see what actually suits you and your body.

Sure, that perfect dress looks great on that seemingly perfect girl, but it may not look the same on you.

It’s not that your body isn’t perfect for the dress – it’s that the dress just isn’t perfect for your body.

Don’t stress –  there is an amazing dress that exists for everyone. You just need to find the one that will enhance your best assets, and make you feel like a million bucks.

Many experts say there are anywhere from 6-12 body-type categories in the world,  and that every person fits into one of those categories. A quick search of Google images will result in so many versions and namings of body types. For your reference, here is my favourite from ShopYourShape.com. Their body shapes guide really seems to be the most realistic and self-explanatory example.

Something important to keep in mind: Many body type charts and guidelines are generalizations, and only take into account the relationship between the shoulders or chest, waist, and hips, without taking into account the height and size of the person, whether they’re short or long-waisted, have shorter legs with a longer torso, or vice-versa, matched with a large or small bust-line. Collectively, all of these factors will affect how a wedding dress looks and sits on the body. Finally, we can’t forget weight - a 110lb ‘straight-shaped’ bride will undoubtedly look very different in the very same sheath dress being worn by a  160lb ‘straight-shaped’ bride.

Think  “Who wore it best?”

So, presuming you’ve been dressing yourself for the last 20 years at least, you probably have a good idea of what proportions suit you best, what your best assets are, and the body parts that always seem to give you a problem when you’re trying on clothes. I get it - trying on clothes is hard enough work when nothing seems to fit or look good. Trying on wedding dresses is a whole new ballgame – sizes are different, the fits are different, overall just very different garments than our everyday clothing…

So what comes next then? Is it as easy as just trying on dresses until you find the one?  Sometimes it is!

As a wedding dress-connoisseur, I would never tell you that you should shop for specific silhouettes based on your matching body-type. My advice is always to try on everything that catches your eye and makes you wonder. Believe me when I say,

You won’t know how it looks like until you try it on.

Yes, of course we know that certain silhouettes flatter some body-types more than others, but don’t pigeon hole yourself into one dress silhouette category because of what expert body-type guidelines tell you because every dress is not made equally! Examples of what I mean by this are:

  • One strapless dress could be too revealing, whereas the next sits just right.
  • The waistline of one ballgown might dig in and pucker at your hip bone, whereas the next could fit your waist to hip proportions perfectly.
  • The straps on one dress could make you look bulky and broad, whereas the next could have just the right amount of delicate detailing.
  • The fit of one trumpet style gown may be too tight around the thighs to pull off your famous dance moves, whereas the next may have a more gradual, or higher flare making it easier to move around in.
  • The unstructured fit of one sheath dress may look frumpy on you, whereas the next will flow and cling to all the right places to flatter your body.

Wedding dress style: 101

It can be challenging when you’re scouring the pages of magazines or online shopping, as so many designers and writers use dress silhouette and style names interchangeably. Don’t worry if you get confused with what style you’re really looking for. Ballgowns and A-lines, columns and sheaths, fit & flare and trumpet, trumpet and mermaid… what’s the difference?

Here is a quick introduction on wedding dress styles and lingo.

The A-line is easy to wear and flatters almost every body-type as it typically has a fitted bodice, defining the waistline, and gradually flares out right around the mid-hipline. A modified A-line is a bit more fitted around the hip and bum, with a slimmer skirt. A modified A-line may be too tight around the hips of a Pear body-type, and may accentuate the midsection of an Oval/Diamond body-type. However, those brides could simply go up in size and alter the top to fit if they find a dress they love.


The Ballgown is the classic princess look – cinched at the waist with a large bell-like skirt. Ballgowns vary in their bodice styling, with fit options including the natural waistline, basque waistline (just at top of hipline), or dropped waistline (mid-hipline). I wouldn’t say that any one body type should avoid a ballgown, however, if you are on the shorter side, short-waisted, and full figured, sometimes a ballgown with a natural waistline can make you look stocky.

MoriLee 1970

A Trumpet silhouette is shaped exactly as it’s name describes, like a trumpet. The dress is fitted from the bust-line through to the thigh, and the trumpet shaped skirt starts to gradually flare out around the mid-thigh area. Oval/Diamond body-types often avoid this shape as it can define their mid-section. Pear body-types can certainly wear this silhouette, particularly when they love to flaunt their hip and thigh assets, but if they have a much smaller upper body, they will have to get a dress in a size that fits their largest parts and alter the rest of the dress to fit.


 A Mermaid silhouette is often mistaken for a trumpet. They are quite similar, however the fitted part of the skirt of a mermaid is tight right down to the knee then flares out into a trumpet skirt. A true mermaid is much harder to walk in because you have less material and space to move your legs. Because this silhouette is so fitted, it accentuates your curves, and for some women it can tend to make them look more hippy than they are. Pear and Oval/Diamond body-types generally try to avoid this silhouette.

MoriLee 1653

A Fit and Flare silhouette is often similar to the trumpet silhouette. It is defined by a fitted bodice with a dropped waistline ending at the top of thigh, below the bum, or to the mid-thigh. The skirt often flares out from a defined line rather than a gradual continuation into the skirt.


A Sheath silhouette, often referred to as a column dress, usually has little to no structure built into the dress. The fabric is often cut on the bias, and drapes over the body for a close fit. The sheath silhouette typically hugs every curve, so it can be a trickier style to pull off for those who are more self-conscious about their body. Because it lacks in the structure that often helps to define the waistline, this silhouette can often create a boxy look.



Ultimately, be true to you! If you like it, try it. If you love it, wear it!




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This is My Body, and I Want That Dress!
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