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October 20, 2014
Posted by WeddingGirl

This is the Tiffany Pratt.

{ colour is the new blush }

Authored by: Mary


Okay… so, I love whites and blushes and ivories and creams as much as every other Pinteresting fiend out there…. but one day (soon), brides are going to get bored of blush. And then what?


{ Meet Tiffany }

A few weeks ago our WeddingGirl, Leah came to our team meeting gushing about this girl named Tiffany Pratt.

Any girl who puts the word “The” in front of her name on social media is pretty rad in my books.


Oh. And she rocks coloured tresses like it’s nobody’s business.

She wins.

Tiffany Pratt Toronto Blogger Colour Stylist

Elsie DeWolfe once said… “I’m going to make everything around me beautiful. That will be my life.”

I think that Tiffany Pratt and Elsie DeWolfe would have gotten along. And, by gotten along, I think they would have put on colourful tutu skirts and sparkly shoes and had tea parties together. With cupcakes.

Not only is this designer|stylist|interweb maven totally stunning, she also leaves trails of her sparkling personality behind her everywhere she goes in social media land. Seriously, just follow her for, like, two seconds, and you’ll see what I mean.

My favourite was the day that she randomly dumped rainbow sprinkles on a wet, gloomy, dreary sidewalk, “To show you how good every colour looks with gray”. I mean, is there any better example on the planet? Not even close.


Alright. So, colour.

But more importantly….




Every single wedding we planned this summer was completely gorgeous. I found myself falling hard in love with blush over and over; cascading across tables, tied up into bouquets, and adorning beautiful bridesmaids. Even some of the most spectacular wedding gowns on the planet today have deviated away from traditional white and glean this stunningly soft pink hue that just adds a hint of romantic je ne sais quoi to the overall look of the day.



Tiffany Pratt Toronto Colour Wedding Stylist

There’s something so intoxicatingly playful about bright, bold, and eclectic colours unapologetically splashed around everywhere.

The entire wedding industry these days seems to have bought into this muted, understated (yes, elegant) monochromatic tone-on-tone design… but think back to the last time you stared at a blank page of a colouring book with a box of crayons within reach. Did you really only stick to one shade??


Tiffany isn’t afraid to stand out and that’s precisely why we love her so much. She isn’t afraid to sparkle.

And I’ve decided Brides shouldn’t be either.

A well-styled, colourful wedding can exude the exact same degree of elegance and timeless romance as a white-on-white affair.

Rainbow Bridal Floral Crown Devonshire Photographic

TheCaketress Purple Pink Gold Wedding Cake

Multicolour floral wedding ceremony backdrop Tiffany Pratt

Confetti And Co Toronto Canada

Rainbow Bridesmaid Dresses LGBT Lesbian Wedding Planners Toronto



Colourful Rainbow Bridesmaid Bouquets

Kate Spade DIY luxe wedding decor

So really, any way you look at it… colour is never a mistake.

Like any medium, sure, it can be mis-managed and taken to extremes that not even the boldest at heart can handle… but leave your designs to an expert and we promise, every single stitch of your big day is going to come up rainbows.

Are you bored with blush?

You should follow Tiffany immediately :: facebook | twitter | instagram

{{ blog love }}

Devonshire Photographic

The Caketress

Berkeley Events

Confetti & Co.

Joel Hannigan Photography



Erin Volante Floral

Fraîche Floral Studio

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Posted by WeddingGirl

Blog Love :: Cali-cool | Wilson Lee Photography


{ Met this dude… }

Wilson Lee Weddings Photography Logo

Well, sort of met.

He emailed us, from Wilson Lee Weddings in California.

And we love him already.


{ subject line … }

“Degree of Awesome: NINJA status”

{ the note … }

I’m just a simple dude and family man trying to give brides-to-be the best experience out there.

I have a background in skateboarding, design and music and I shoot concerts and portraits for some pretty neat magazines.

I was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and I currently reside near Yosemite at the base of the Sierras.

I am happy to service Nor Cal and So Cal as well as any town that has a beach.

I love dogs, baseball, gummi bears, and Trader Joe’s Mochi ice cream.


Wilson Lee Photography California Wedding Planner 1

Wilson Lee Photography California Wedding Planner 2

Wilson Lee Photography California Wedding Planner 3

Wilson Lee Photography California Wedding Planner 4

Wilson Lee Photography California Wedding Planner 5

Wilson Lee Photography California Wedding Planner 6

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This is the Tiffany Pratt.
Posted 20 Oct, 2014

Blog Love :: Cali-cool | Wilson Lee Photography
Posted 20 Oct, 2014

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