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April 22, 2014
Posted by WeddingGirl

World’s First International Wedding Planners Accepting Bitcoin

{ WG Blazes Global Wedding Trail

:: Now Accepting Bitcoin } 

The WeddingGirl team believes that, like digital currency,

falling in love and planning a wedding should be without borders



The WeddingGirl.ca team announces it now accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment for local and international wedding planning services as well as retail purchases made through its online wedding marketplace.

WG BC logo

Blushing brides and wedding vendors from around the world can now work alongside a team of our event planning experts to turn lavish dreams in to magical memories, on a budget.  WeddingGirl.ca is the world’s first wedding planning service provider to accept Bitcoin payment as an alternative to costly credit card and money transfer options from international clients.

“We receive hundreds of international inquiries for wedding planning services as well as online marketplace purchases, “ states WeddingGirl.ca founder and CEO Mary Bratko. “Love has no borders. Planning your wedding shouldn’t either!”


Bitcoin is the most widely used virtual currency in the world.  “Central banks charge costly currency conversion fees which often dissuade brides from placing international orders,” states Bratko. The fees for an international Bitcoin transaction will only cost the bride a couple of cents to send any amount of money from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world. “And working with us will save her thousands!”

 Pink Piggy Bank Bitcoin

Today’s bride, regardless of where in the world she lives, spends hundreds of hours planning her wedding online. Newly engaged couples are inundated with costs, fees, and hidden expenses associated with their upcoming nuptials that they mostly have never even considered. Bitcoin is the most logical solution for online payments. Not only does the WeddingGirl team help couples make smart spending choices with booking venues, décor, transportation, and flowers, now they can pay for international services and avoid additional currency exchange expenses.

It was a serendipitous conversation with a Toronto-based attorney, while Bratko, herself was overseas, that prompted the virtual expansion. Bratko says, “There are no coincidences. We are in the midst of launching the WeddingGirl blog in Europe and this Bitcoin system just fits so seamlessly into our expanding WG puzzle.”

To plan your international wedding with the WG team,

or to shop, without borders on the WG Marketplace,

make sure to get in touch!

Bitcoin Wedding Planning Toronto Canada WeddingGirl.ca team



For more information on Bitcoin, read about it on Wikipedia here!

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April 16, 2014
Posted by WeddingGirl

Wanderlust Weddings by WG | a blogger abroad


When we first brought the #WGx team on board we asked every one of them to dare to dream and come up with their vision for Happily Ever After. From those early brainstorms and inspiration sessions have come some amazing new adventures including fraîche Floral Atelier, WG{=}, and Wanderlust Weddings by WG.


WanderlustWeddingsbyWG logo

With our WeddingGirls wandering about the world, taking in all the beauty this planet has to offer, we decided it was time to start sharing the jet setting love and inspiring our brides to succumb to a bit of wanderlust themselves!

Most recently Linda wandered down to the beautiful Radisson Blu resort in spectacular St. Martin, you can read her review here! – we also have a handful of other WeddingGirls venturing out in to the world… Vanessa is heading to Mexico and Laura is hopping over to Europe! These girls love falling in love with the globe and love sharing their adventures.


{ EuroTour.2014 }

Mary set out for her European adventure on Monday night from YYZ – just in time to escape Mother Nature’s wintery spell (in April?!)

Mary Bratko YYZ WanderlustByWG

Lufthansa was the airline of choice for this globetrotting – comfortable seats and exceptionally kind flight crew! The flight was smooth and uneventful (exactly the way you want them to be!). It was 0815 when they touched down in Frankfurt for a quick layover before heading to Barcelona. Check out this stunner of a sunrise over the United Kingdom!

Lufthansa Sunrise Europe Flight

It was an overcast and dreary morning in Germany, but that didn’t stop Mary’s lust for exploring. She headed out bravely from FRA and made her way in to Frankfurt-proper, in search of a bakery for breakfast and some medieval architecture! (she found both).

Wanderlust Weddings by WG Mary Bratko Europe Frankfurt

Kamps @ BAckstube Frankfurst Breakfast

We’ll be back to explore beautiful Germany soon, but Barcelona was waiting! Another quick flight, this time over the majestic French and Swiss Alps, before landing in beautiful Spain.


It was 25 degrees and sunny at touchdown and the warm Spanish breeze was oh-so-welcoming!

A quick train ride in to Barcelona town center, and after some unfortunate mishaps with getting completely misdirected on the city’s incredibly-extensive metro network, this wandering WeddingGirl finally made it to her hotel.

Mary Bratko TravelGirl backpacker

Stay tuned for our full review of the posh little boutique hotel we stumbled upon! EuroStars Hotels | Angli


Wanderlust Weddings by WeddingGirl.ca



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Read the WG Story:


- the girl behind it all.

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  • neuro-nerdy Starbucks lover
  • bridal lifestyle blogger
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    just a girl who loves her job
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