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July 23, 2014
Posted by WeddingGirl

An Open Letter to Wedding Venues re: Vendor Meals….

{ Dear Wedding Venues …. }


One hundred and thirty seven weddings.

I’ve planned and coordinated 137 weddings.

For a little, self-employed, accidental planner….. that’s a lot of weddings.

This also means that I’ve eaten a lot of wedding meals.

Some have been good, some have been pretty bad.

And then… there’s the Vendor Meal.

There are few things more offensive to me than venues that even allow for these things to exist, let alone Venue Coordinators who beam with pride when they offer their couples a discounted “Vendor Meal” to feed those people behind the scenes who are working non-stop, all day, to make sure the entire production goes off without a hitch.

You, Venue Coordinators (and wedding venues alike) should be ashamed of yourselves.

And this is why.



Dear Wedding Venues….

Please take a moment, and consider this….

We’re all on the same team.

Guess what? Your Bride and Groom aren’t your repeat clients.

We are.

Keep in mind that photographers, DJ’s, planners, coordinators – we’re all a part of your industry.

We know the same people and we work for (and with) the same clients.

We’re all on the same team.

As a Wedding Day Coordinator, I have asked (at every single one of my 137 weddings) that our vendors are given a plate of hors d’oeuvres during the cocktail hour.

And it’s not for them to sit and indulge while ignoring their responsibilities – ask any wedding photographer and they’ll tell you that every mini quiche or chicken skewer they’ve hurriedly devoured has been while swooping past the vendor table en route to another end of the venue to keep snapping away.

Just know that that mini quiche or chicken skewer is usually the first bit of sustenance they’ve consumed since the bagel and coffee they scarfed down en route to the Bride’s house eight hours earlier.

Then there’s the call to dinner, guests are seated, introductions begin.

At this point, the DJ has likely been on site since his setup time about four hours earlier.

The photographers have been shooting all day.

Planners and coordinators have been planning and coordinating since the crack of dawn.

The two or three bites of cocktail hour hors d’oeuvres we manage to consume while busily preparing for the reception will ensure that we’re able to move harder and faster to get all of our team’s ducks in a row so as to pull off a flawless production for our couple.

Dinner is served.

…… and while wedding guests are delighting in arugulas with figs and goat’s cheese, vendors are getting their fill on (if they’re lucky) baby greens with some julienned carrots and gelatinous dressing.

Wedding guests eat hearty tenderloin, grilled sea bass, or chicken supreme…. while vendors…. we get pasta.

If we’re really lucky, it’s good pasta.

It’s usually not.

It’s usually bland, overcooked, and comes in a shockingly small portion.

Soooo…. this is how multi-million dollar venues save on food costs?

You actually mean to tell me that not charging couples your outrageously inflated alcohol costs for their vendor count isn’t enough to offset giving vendors a real meal?

You shouldn’t be charging them full price for us at all! We’re your family!

I tell my couples – “Vendors don’t get charged alcohol”…. and they’re usually super grateful because it’s a detail most wouldn’t have thought of on their own….

but for a venue to take it one step further and offer “Vendor Meals” – shitty, underwhelming, borderline offensive versions of the food their kitchen is boasting to everyone else in the building, is utterly confusing to me.


We all know the margins on food and alcohol.

We all understand that profits need to be maintained.

We all get that tenderloin is pricier than penne.

…. but to not feed your vendors? like, the ones that’ll be coming back and working alongside of you time and time again? really?!

It’s not about us needing to eat the tenderloin. If I’m being perfectly honest, when I want a really great meal I have two-dozen options to visit that will feed me well at a point in time when I’m allowed to drink wine with my dinner. But to not eat the same as everyone else on a day when we’re all working toward the same common goal? (and repeats of this common goal many times over in the foreseeable future)

I would love for someone to give me a reason for this.

And don’t blame a budget-conscious couple…. because the onus should be on you, not them. They’re busy living happily ever after…. while we’re the ones left having to ask, with humility, for a bread basket and ice water.

Three times.

So… Venues… what gives??

…. and if you’re a vendor who agrees, please share this link! An answer would be awesome.


Wedding Vendor Meals Blog Rant



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July 9, 2014
Posted by WeddingGirl

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