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August 27, 2014
Posted by WeddingGirl

Please stop wasting water…. #WGxALS

{ #WGxALS}

This blog isn’t about weddings.

There’s nothing about garden roses or table runners or votive candles in it.

This blog is a personal note from a girl who stumbled upon a photo that broke her up into tiny pieces.

Before last night’s WeddingGirl-Multiplied team meeting, we sat around and chatted about life, love, and girl-stuff – just like we always do. Someone made the comment, “I’m tired of seeing people dump water on their head.” … and then someone else brought up this picture.

America Wasting Water Africa Drought Poverty

As a former neuroscience major, I can understand all too well how incredibly debilitating a neurodegenerative condition is. I know the science, I sympathize with the symptoms, and my heart bleeds for those that are affected by ALS; either personally or by caring extension.

I think it’s amazing that us Western world lucky ones decided to spur some serious research funding by creating this viral call for social media shenanigans… but outside of being a girl who plans weddings and makes things pretty in Toronto, I’m also a girl who has traveled to some incredibly humbling places and have experienced, first-hand, what others don’t have.


Mumbai - 29


We don’t think twice about watering our lawns.

We don’t think twice about running the tap while we brush our teeth.

We don’t think twice about dumping buckets of ice water over our heads (most of us, without writing the cheque to accompany it).

We also don’t think twice about the people in the world who don’t have clean drinking water or who have to bathe in polluted rivers.

Forget India, forget Africa….. as close as our American neighbours to the south, many western areas have experienced debilitating droughts that have forced families to ration supplies and struggle to make amends with soaring water prices.

US Drought Image kbps.com

Ask someone in California how they feel about hundreds of thousands of buckets of water being dumped over peoples’ heads and onto lush green lawns, brick driveways, concrete balconies.

As a former neuroscience major, and now the girl behind a high profile wedding blog, I believe in making a difference for those who suffer from A.L.S.

On behalf of WeddingGirl.ca, Luxe + Co. Event Group ltd. and the entire WG team, we’ve written a cheque to ALS Canada to show our support.

Instead of drenching ourselves in ice water, we’re going to have the girls in the Fraîche Floral Studio design a beautiful bouquet to bring to the ALS Canada office when we drop off our donation.

We’re going to play our part in making a difference, but we’re going to remember India, and Africa, and South America, and California while we do it. We’re going to remember everyone else who isn’t as blessed as we are to live where we do.

We’re going to turn the taps off while we brush our teeth.

…. and we’re going to take a moment to acknowledge how incredibly lucky we are to have our health, to have our happiness, and to have more clean drinking water than we could need in a lifetime.


To make a donation to ALS Canada, please visit their website.

ALS Canada Logo

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August 21, 2014
Posted by WeddingGirl

Custom Designed Wedding Gowns | Toronto

{a Fab WG find}

E.L.A. Designs Toronto Logo

Looking for a fun and creative option to picking a bridal gown off the rack or from the mostly unattainable pages of your favourite wedding magazine?

You should probably consider working with a designer to create your dream dress… and guess what? it’s not even going to break your budget!

Wedding Dress custom design

We were recently introduced to E.L.A. Designs by the lovely Amena, who wanted to share her mother’s beautiful dresses with brides-to-be everywhere.

Contrary to rumoured wedding beliefs, having your wedding and bridesmaid dresses custom designed (and created exactly to your specifications!) can often cost less than any bridal boutique price tag. Oh, and you’re guaranteed the perfect fit, every time!

Custom styling that works with your unique body shape, as well as a dedicated designer to bring your dress dreams to life? Sounds like a match made in bridal heaven!


Fashion Designer Elizabeth Lee Adeghe is an oh-so-talented creative who has been creating gowns for brides in and around Toronto and Ottawa for nearly a quarter of a century. This woman knows bridal gowns!

Together with her daughter and business partner Amena, they’ve recently opened a Toronto-based showroom where they host private consultations. It’s where the stuff that gorgeous is dreamed up, designed, and brought into existence. So, pretty much, magic happens!

This magical land of all-things-gowns is currently booking one-on-one consultations for mid-September. Get your leading ladies together, head over to meet Elizabeth and Amena, and let your wildest dress dreams run rampant. The only thing you’re limited by is your imagination, so be sure to come with an open mind and creative spirit (and maybe bring the stilettos you plan on strutting in!)




Check them out in our Vendor Showcase!

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Please stop wasting water…. #WGxALS
Posted 27 Aug, 2014

Custom Designed Wedding Gowns | Toronto
Posted 21 Aug, 2014

just. be. kind.
Posted 19 Aug, 2014

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