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May 22, 2016
Posted by WeddingGirl

Fore the love of golf | Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy

{ I Do’s + Golf Lessons }

Farmington Country Club Golf Wedding

Golf and nuptials go back about as far as peanut butter and jam on toast… seriously, more than half of the weddings we see involve golf to some extent: Groomsmens’ day out, morning-of driving range, saying “I Do” with rolling greens in the background. With golf courses becoming increasingly popular to host your wedding day celebrations, why aren’t more of us grabbing our clubs and hitting the greens leading up to (and after!) the Big Day as well?!

Last week I had a chance to meet golf pro Bradlee Ryall and take golf lessons at Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy in Mississauga. 

One thing I figured out pretty quick? These guys know golf (and have a mad passion for sharing the love!)

Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy Lessons Kaneff

I’ll be honest… I’ve never been much of a golfer. You know how the story goes: I was the girl who bought clubs because I was dating a boy who loved golf and I wanted to be cool like he was. I’m certain there are FAR better ways to get into the sport! Maybe it was the investment I made in pink clubs and pink-laced golf shoes that tagged my interest? I didn’t wear (or bring) them to meet Bradlee – I didn’t want to mislead the pro into thinking I had any idea what I was doing. I wore a polka-dotted coral number instead, and got to use these brand-spanking-new gorgeous blue Nike clubs – definitely for the win! (Thanks, Lion Head!)

Bradlee Ryall Kaneff Golf Academy

Nike Blue Golf Clubs Lion Head Kaneff

Now, I wish that I could say gorgeous new clubs and a wicked pro-golfer instructor makes for a good play… but to be honest, I barely hit the ball. I blame a torn rotator cuff in my shoulder – though I don’t think my lack of natural talent was remotely related.

Bradlee, on the other hand, is a golf-master Jedi. With a BA from Western, a post-grad in golf management, and experience working and playing around the world, if anyone’s going to make you a pro (or at least LOVE the game) – it’s this guy.

Bradlee Ryall Golf Mississauga

“Do it like this! Not like this!” – and as I learned about tension-free swinging (applying pressure but not a strong grip, etc) – I couldn’t help but consider what a super awesome gift this would be around wedding planning time… SO many possibilities!

Bradlee Ryall Kaneff Academy Golf Lessons

You can literally gift golf lessons for EVERYTHING wedding-related!

Newly engaged? Golf lessons as a way to bond and distract yourself from stressful planning weekend after weekend.

Planning a wedding? Gift golf to the Groomsmen as a thank-you experience (nobody needs another engraved flask).

Golf Lessons for the Fathers as a Thank-You for everything they’ve done to help with the wedding plans.

Gift the Newlyweds a membership + golf clinic to de-stress and have some fun on the greens together after they tie the knot!

Seriously… golf-everything…. it’s sunshine, exercise, bonding, a little competitive spirit, and golf carts. Who doesn’t create memories in a golf cart?

And if you happen to end up lucky enough to be golfing at a club as gorgeous as Lion Head, the food’s pretty awesome as well. I speak from experience…

WeddingGirl Kaneff Golf Academy

Kaneff Golf Academy WeddingGirl Raymi Toronto

Goooo golf!

And here’s a photo my friend Rob took of me figuring out Golf In a Box….  my wicked instructor Bradlee created this DIY order-taking iPad software to make my golf-lesson-buying entirely wedding-planner proof and easy-peasy. I basically have no excuse not to learn. Challenge Accepted.


Kaneff Golf Academy Bradlee Ryall

( blog love | photog credit :: @AnnaAndSpencerPhotography }

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May 2, 2016
Posted by WeddingGirl

Toronto’s Original Bridal Swap | a huge success!

{ The Original Bridal Swap – Toronto West }

A few weeks ago we were so excited to share that The Original Bridal Swap was making its FIRST-EVER appearance in Toronto this year!

Well, not only did the Swap take place in Toronto this past week, it was an absolutely amazing success! So much love and heartfelt happiness is being sent out to the fierce-spirited Vicky over at Perfect Planners for lovingly stitching this incredible event together.

If you haven’t heard of The Original Bridal Swap before – here’s a peek at the awesomeness that went down in the 6ix last week.

It was a wedding show unlike all other wedding shows. At THIS show, PAST BRIDES sold their previously-loved wedding items (decor, fashion, accessories and DIY gems) to FUTURE BRIDES! – like a super fancy flea market with way better music. The oh-so-talented Jessilynn Wong was there to capture the fab.

Crowne Plaza Toronto Airport Wedding Bridal Swap 1

Vicky Perfect Planners Toronto Original Bridal Swap - Bridal Swap Toronto JessilynnWongPhotography

Vintage Suitcase wedding - Bridal Swap Toronto JessilynnWongPhotography

{ Previously-Loved Bridal Fashion }

We all know that gone are the days of superstitions around wedding day frocks.  Bridal gown prices at The Original Bridal Swap ranged anywhere from $300-$800 - do you know a blushing bride who said “Yes!” to a dress at the show?

Original Bridal Swap Toronto West 2016

Original Bridal swap Toronto West - Bridal Swap Toronto JessilynnWongPhotography

{ DIY Gems }

Another wedding day To-Do that’s awesome to pick up previously-loved? Signage and table numbers! You can never go wrong with class, timeless gold or white… and you might just be lucky enough to come across a Newlywed who’s already made beauties in your exact theme.

Wooden Table Numbers - Bridal Swap Toronto JessilynnWongPhotography

White Table numbers - Bridal Swap Toronto JessilynnWongPhotography

Coral Green Wedding Table Numbers - Bridal Swap Toronto JessilynnWongPhotography

Mirror Wedding Sign - Bridal Swap Toronto JessilynnWongPhotography

{ Saving on Centrepieces }

These stylish finds went from lovingly-made to excitedly-found at the Swap as well.

DIY Gold Centrepiece - Bridal Swap Toronto JessilynnWongPhotography

Gold Manzanita centrepiece - Bridal Swap Toronto JessilynnWongPhotography

White Wedding Lanterns - Bridal Swap Toronto JessilynnWongPhotography

{ sweet treats }

And how can you not love a Sunday afternoon of wedding day dreams finished off with sweet treats custom-made with local love?

Toronto Bridal Swap Sweet Treats Wedding


For questions about Toronto’s inaugural Original Bridal Swap,

or to inquire about the next Swap event in your area,

contact event organizer

Vicky of Perfect Planners


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Fore the love of golf | Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy
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